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Risk Management

Taking the holistic approach

Risk Management

Internal Audit

Five major drivers

Internal Audit

Islamic Banking and Finance

Interpretation & Implementation

Islamic Banking & Finance


Banking Regulation and Business


Treasury and Capital Markets

Market and Liquidity Risk

Treasury & Capital Markets

Financial Crime

Don't be scared, be prepared

Financial Crime


The British Banking Association is the UK’s leading association for the banking sector, representing the interests of more than 240 member organisations with a worldwide presence in 180 countries. Its membership brings together banks of all shapes and sizes, including retail banks, wholesale institutions, challenger banks and private banks. The BBA supports and promotes policies and initiatives that balance both the interest of banks, and the wider public benefit. Its work is underpinned by three core priorities:

  • Helping customers – both consumers and businesses
  • Promoting growth
  • Raising standards – both professional and ethical

Risk Reward and the BBA work together to offer training workshops which provide breadth, depth and application of a suite of up-to-the-minute relevant topics facilitated by seasoned financial industry professionals with years of practical knowhow and understanding of the financial markets. 

2015 Global Public Course dates – BBA

Introduction to Capital Management
London; Apr 20, October 16

Living Wills & Recovery and Resolution Plans
London; April 30, October 5

Introduction to Credit Risk Management
London; May 20

Enterprise Risk Management
London; June 10, November 5

Intermediate Credit Risk Management
London; November 25

Please click here to download the 2015 Training Course Catalogue or contact us for more information about In-House training, creating to meet your organisation’s unique needs on a cost-effective basis.